What does your baptism mean to you?  In the early church, baptism was taken very seriously.  It was not uncommon for new converts to Christianity – known as “Catechumens” – to spend up to three years learning the fundamentals of the faith before being baptised into God’s covenant community.  Unfortunately,Continue Reading

Where does the Holy Spirit fit into the Christian life?  Sadly, there is much confusion when it comes to the answers to this question in the broader church today.  Some people are so focused on the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ is pushed into the background, or even forgotten.  TheContinue Reading

This coming Sunday provides yet another two opportunities for you to sample a Reformed worship service in English before the Reformed Church Southern Suburbs launches it’s evening services.  The following are the details: Morning: Where: Cape Town Reformed Church When: 09h30 Map: http://tinyurl.com/9n7lke7 Evening: Where: Bellville-East Reformed Church (on theContinue Reading