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Interview with Simon Jooste on planting a Reformed church in South Africa

Scott Korljan, the pastor of Scottsdale Church Plant in Arizona, interviewed Simon Jooste, the pastor of Reformed Church Southern Suburbs, on his podcast “No Lasting City” in November 2021. Among other things, Simon spoke about how he came to return to South Africa after studying and working the United States and plant an English-speaking Reformed church in Cape Town. Historically, the Reformed witness in South Africa has been confined to the Afrikaans-speaking community. Simon spoke about the challenges of upholding a Reformed Christian witness amid the legacy of apartheid – and the church’s role in it – the country’s vast inequalities, and its high level of crime. Simon touched on some of these issues in his recently published essay From orange to pink: A history of politics and religion in South Africa‚Äôs Cape Town. You can listen to the interview, which is about 49 minutes, here.