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  1. can we discuss a Church plant in bloemfontein,i lead a fellowship called 316 but im not ordained,i contacted proffesor Scott Clark and he sent me your link.

    • my name is Ronald Petersen,i am 19 years old,i was born again at the beginning of the year 2011,316 started out as a prayercell that has grown into a Biblestudy and fellowship,we have a worship service on Saterdays aswell(it has nothing to do with the sabbath it was originally but,the LORD directed us to Colossians)316 stands for John 3v16.I do not have any theology training,and there is no minister i was thinking of ministering myself,but i am aware,of the examination a minister of the word needs to undergo in order to b ministering the word,thank u for the reply Simon

      • Hi Donald,

        I have an additional lead for you in Bloemfontein. I hope this helps:

        rev DJ (Dirk) Dykstra. Presently he is minister of GKColesberg, but also serves a Reformed Church in Bloemfontein, Bloemburg (not to be confused with Bloempark). Dirk Dykstra’s e-mail, is: dykstradj@gmail.com. Tel : 051 753 0130, Cell: 082 928 0792.

        Best regards.

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