Interior of a Reformed church

We want to be seeker-sensitive, but we must identify the true seeker in worship. Scripture teaches that “no man seeks God”, certainly not the unregenerate; rather it is God who seeks us (Romans 3:11). Our Lord taught us that the Father seeks those who will worship in spirit and truthContinue Reading

tranquil lake scene

All forms of the social gospel that pervaded the mainline churches in America throughout the twentieth century were built on the idea that Jesus’ death was primarily concerned with world peace and the reconciliation of men to men through the example of Christ. This is not the teaching of theContinue Reading

direction signs

Church is not about our preferences but about listening to God. Christ has the words of life, after all, so where would we go? Church should not be for me or for you. It should be for God. Does that mean we can obtain some truly timeless model of churchContinue Reading

infant baptism

R. Scott Clark writes: The Baptist and Reformed traditions are not, as is often assumed essentially identical in method and conclusions but diverging only on some minor issues. No, the two traditions read Scripture very differently, i.e., they have a different hermeneutic, a different reading of the story of redemption,Continue Reading


R. Scott Clark comments on episode 3 of Christianity Today’s podcast series on the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill: By any objective measure, Mark Driscoll was never Reformed. He was predestinarian, but he was never Reformed. I am sorry that Mike Cosper makes the assumption that all predestinarians are Reformed.Continue Reading


If we knew what was actually happening in truly biblical, Spirit-wrought preaching, we would feel much differently about sermons. We would approach preaching in an entirely different manner. So, what is happening in the sermon? Let me suggest this answer: by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Himself speaksContinue Reading