If we knew what was actually happening in truly biblical, Spirit-wrought preaching, we would feel much differently about sermons. We would approach preaching in an entirely different manner. So, what is happening in the sermon? Let me suggest this answer: by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Himself speaksContinue Reading

crown of thorns

God has promised to work everything together for the good of His people. If God is for us, it follows that, ultimately, nothing can stand against us. That is logical, otherwise, God would not be God. If something could rise up against God and overcome Him, that other thing wouldContinue Reading

exercise equipment

Marathons, mud runs, CrossFit, Yoga, diets, non-GMO and gluten-free foods, Christian financial programmes, anti-vaccination and homeschooling have — each in their own way — taken over the driver’s seat of the lives of so many in the church. While all of these things in and of themselves may be good things and haveContinue Reading

Mark Discoll

Christianity Today has released a new NPR-style podcast series hosted by Mike Cosper, Who killed Mars Hill?. It is well done and deserves your attention. So far they have released a couple of trailers and two complete episodes. Those who are not Reformed and those who are (or who areContinue Reading

Click here to view the livestream on YouTube. Call to worship, invocation and votum: Psalm 99 Song of praise: Psalm 16 (page 16A) Corporate confession of faith: Apostles’ Creed Law: Deuteronomy 5:6-21/Matthew 22:34-40/James 1:19-21 Prayer of confession Assurance of pardon: Romans 5:18-21 Song of thanksgiving: Psalm 24 (page 24B) PrayerContinue Reading