Book recommendations

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Christianity and Culture

VanDrunen’s lecture on his new book – Divine Covenants and Moral Order: A Biblical Theology of Natural Law (Eerdmans, 2014) – delivered at the University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University

The Two Kingdoms: A Biblical Paradigm for Christianity and Culture (theology)

God’s Pilgrims in Contemporary Society (practice)

Recovering the Calvin of two kingdoms in the South African context – Lecture by dr Simon Jooste at George Whitefield College on his PHD thesis


Why should Reformed Christians pray?
Luther on prayer
Calvin on prayer
What is prayer?

The Reformed tradition

The Reformed tradition contrasted with evangelical tradition (by Darryl Hart)
What is Reformed worship?
Why should Reformed Christians pray?
Worship: Evangelical or Reformed?
Discover a better way of worship?
Planting a Reformed church
Techniques of church growth
Marketing the church

Resources on covenant theology

Diagram of the timeline of the covenants
Introduction to covenant theology: Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored by Brown and Keele.
Covenant theology and 2K resources
Christ in the covenants
Baptise infants?

Church and Worship

Who needs systematic theology?
To turn the cheek or not? (Matt.5)
Christless Christianity?
Addiction and the cross
The importance of preaching
Luther’s Commentary on Galatians
The Church and Israel
The righteousness of faith
Hungering & thirsting after righteousness
Centrality of the means of grace
Techniques of church growth
Law and gospel
Theology drives worship
The regulative principle of worship?
What is Reformed worship?
Worship: Evangelical or Reformed?
Discover a better way of worship?
Resource of the week: WHI
Baptise infants?
Planting a Reformed church
Reformation – Then and Now
Marketing the church
Why we have creeds and confessions?
The character of worship
The Need for True Worship
God cares about our worship
Redemptive-historical preaching
Elder qualifications and preaching
Preaching and Biblical counseling

For some other online resources worth checking out:

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Westminster Seminary, CA, online resources
Modern Reformation Magazine
The White Horse Inn