Abounding Grace Radio: Reformed in South Africa (2 videos)

Pastor Chris Gordon is joined by Rev. Dr. Simon Jooste of Reformed Church Southern Suburbs in Cape Town. They discuss Simon’s journey from South Africa to the United States, where a full tennis scholarship landed him at the University of Nevada. His strong faith led him to Westminster Seminary where he earned a Masters of Divinity degree. He then went back home where he was blessed to plant an English-medium Reformed church. Pastor Dan Borvan joins in as they discuss the beauty and complexity of South Africa, from apartheid and Nelson Mandela to winning the Rugby World Cup. Simon sheds light on where the Reformed faith fits into South Africa’s complicated racial and cultural landscape, and how his church is determined to remain faithful to God’s Word.


00:00 – Introduction

01:07 – Simon’s background

01:58 – Called to the ministry

03:00 – Crime in South Africa

05:37 – Simon’s story

06:25 – The colonization and layout of Cape Town

08:25 – The Great Trek

09:40 – The Day of the Vow

11:00 – Afrikaners vs the British

12:00 – Segregation and apartheid

13:30 – Nelson Mandela

14:42 – Racial misunderstanding of Reformed theology

16:18 – Reformed churches in South Africa

17:29 – Identity politics and joining the URC

18:49 – Afrikaner republic and segregation

21:00 – Culture over Scripture

In part two, Simon explains the importance of preaching to a racially diverse congregation and how some are even willing to risk their lives to hear the true Gospel. Simon, Chris, and Dan discuss the struggles, political instability, and the dangers of the region, but also acknowledge the beauty, hope, and optimism the Lord has provided. Learn more about being Reformed in South Africa and what you can do to help support Simon as he carries out God’s important work here.


00:00 – Postmillennialism

00:55 – The power of identity

03:00 – Understand the culture

03:47 – A Rainbow Nation

05:30 – Including all ethnicities

06:35 – Commending the RCSA on diversity

07:43 – Ethnicity and spirituality

08:49 – Identity politics

09:15 – American influence and culture

11:00 – Staying positive

12:00 – RCSS details

13:40 – Becoming racially diverse

14:20 – Who is coming to RCSS

18:29 – Risking their lives for church

20:00 – Pray for the church

22:30 – Signs of encouragement