God’s righteous standard (Deut 23)

On October 27 we took a break from our series on the Sermon on the Mount in the gospel of Matthew to look at the some of the exacting laws of God set forth under the Mosaic covenant in Deuteronomy 23 to govern theocratic Israel.  The purpose was to highlight the works principle embedded in and the retributive character of the Old Covenant, which has been fulfilled in the person and work of Christ (Matthew 5:17).  To appreciate the active obedience of Christ imputed to us in justification, we need to understand the weighty demands and the curse of God’s law, which fell on the shoulders of Jesus.  Click here to listen to the sermon.

Blessed are peacemakers & the persecuted

According to Jesus in the beatitudes in Matthew 5:9-12, peacemaking is a befitting of the children of God who have become participants in the life of the kingdom of heaven by grace alone through faith alone.  Another distinguishing characteristic of the disciples of Christ living out the kingdom of heaven ethic in this world is that they will be persecuted.  A sermon on this passage can be listened to here.