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The reason there was so much opposition to Jesus’ ministry was because his gospel got to the heart of matters. He wasn’t giving a muddled dry expositions, his goal wasn’t the dissemination of information, or simply to create controversies about how to correct human behaviour. Jesus had one great goal:Continue Reading

four gospels

God doesn’t do anything arbitrarily. We may not be able to grasp his intentions in full or even in part, but we can be sure that everything that he does is full of eternal purpose and divine wisdom. The secret things may belong to God, but those that are revealed belongContinue Reading

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In Reformed theology, the noun salvation is typically used in two ways. Sometimes it is used as a synonym for justification. When used this way, it does not include sanctification, since, according to the Reformed confession, justification is a declarative act of God whereby he credits (imputes) to sinners theContinue Reading


Dear Friend The past two months have been particularly challenging for us in South Africa. You may have read about the rise in the Covid-19 cases, lockdowns, looting and violence. Fortunately, Cape Town has been relatively unaffected by the civil unrest. Despite this, everyone is feeling the effects of theContinue Reading