Want to learn how to pray in a way that pleases God?  Jesus teaches his disciples in Matthew 6 in the middle of his sermon on the mount.  Listen to the sermons on Christ’s words here. What does it mean to be a part of the one apostolic church ofContinue Reading

Go to the audio sermons and resources page to listen to a sermon from Matthew 6:1-4 entitled “Beware of hypocrisy” and a sermon on Belgic Confession Article 27 entitled “The church militant.” Come and join us this coming Lord’s Day for more manna from heaven delivered through the public ministryContinue Reading

In Belgic Confession Article 27, we confess certain foundational truths about the nature of Christ’s church: things like its universality, its unity and its holiness.  Vital to our understanding of the church and its attributes is that they find their ultimate source in the workings of the Triune God.  ItContinue Reading

Simon Jooste’s first sermon preached as an ordained minister from Deuteronomy 31.  You can listen to it here.     What exactly is it that defines the church and what defines a Christian? Well, simply put, the answer is: the Word of God. The church is a creature of theContinue Reading