RCSS Church Calendar 2017


Wed 15 March Bible Study
Wed 22 March Bible Study
Wed 29 March Bible Study
Fri 31 March School Close; Congregation Camp
Mon 10 April Financial Committee @ 18:00
Tues 18 April School open
Fri 21 April Deacon’s Camp
Wed 26 April Bible Study
Wed 4 May Bible Study
Wed 11 May Lord’s Supper
Wed 18 May Bible Study
Wed 25 May Ascension Day
Sun 28 May Lord’s Supper
Wed 31 May Bible Study
Wed 7 June Bible Study
Mon 12 June Financial Committee @ 18:00
Wed 14 June Bible Study
Sun 18 June No Catechism for learners
Wed 21 June Bible Study
Wed 25June No Catechism for learners
Fri 30 June School Close
Wed 24 July School Open
Wed2 Aug Bible Study
 Mon 14 Aug Financial Meeting @ 18:00
Wed 16 Aug Bible Study
Wed 23 Aug Bible Study
Sun 27 Aug Lord’s Supper
Wed 6 Sept Bible Study
Wed 13 Sept Bible Study
Wed 20 Sept Bible Study
Wed 27 Sept Bible Study
 Fri 29 Sept Scool Close
Mon 9 Oct School Open
Financial Committee @ 18:00
Mon 11 Oct Bible Study
Mon 18 Oct Bible Study
Mon 25 Oct Bible Study
Sat 28 Oct Bazaar
Wed 1 Nov Bible Study
Wed 8 Nov Bible Study
Wed 15 Nov Bible Study
Wed 22 Nov Bible Study
Sun 26 Nov Lord’s Supper
Wed 29 Nov Bible Study
Wed 6 Dec School Close
Mon 11 Dec Financial Committee @ 18:00
Sat 16 Dec Reconciliation Day
Mon 25 Dec Christmas Day
Sun 31 Dec New Year’s Eve



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