RCSS update: May 2022

Dear Friend

We apologize for the (intentional) silence from our end. You will see why with the significant news below.

Acts 2:38-39 states that the promise of eternal life is for you and your children, and for all who are far off. Throughout the book of Acts, we see these life-giving words worked out. The Great Commission has continued to unfold ever since, even in remote places such as the southern tip of Africa. He is indeed faithful.

God’s covenant faithfulness continues towards Reformed Church Southern Suburbs. We have been blessed with new covenant children. We have seen our largest influx of new visitors and regular attendees over the past few months.

Yet we have experienced financial troubles over the past year. Sadly, because of these troubles there are plans in place to leave the Reformed Churches in South Africa for another denominational home. We have no other option if Rev. Jooste is to remain the pastor of RCSS.

A move will enable us to be better positioned to receive ongoing outside assistance that we depend upon. The first option under consideration is the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches in South Africa (PARCSA), which currently exists as a presbytery and is on the way to becoming a denomination, with a handful of churches in South Africa and in a few neighboring African countries. PARCSA currently enjoys close ties with and support from the predominantly confessional end of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). One of her current ministers in Durban, Rev. Antonio Coppola, is a graduate of Westminster Seminary, California. Another soon to be Westminster graduate, Alex Hewitson, is set to join PARCSA upon his return to South Africa soon.

We hope to commence discussions soon with PARCSA towards the possibility of becoming a member. This process could take anywhere between six months to a year. Should this not prove to be a viable avenue for us, we will consider approaching the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA) for oversight in starting a new Reformed federation in South Africa.

You can be assured that during our transition and into the future RCSS will remain the confessional Reformed church she has always been. We will endeavor to remain faithful to the summary of doctrine found in the Reformed and Presbyterian standards. We will continue to witness as a pilgrim polity in a “pink city” to the cruciform creed that gives life to the lost, the last, and the least among us.

We appreciate your ongoing prayers and support. Our “mother/ conduit” church will remain Grace United Reformed Church per the details below.

Yours in the service of Christ

Rev. Simon Jooste

Banking details

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