Since April 2012, we have been running a Bible study from the Jooste home with the intent of generating interest in a potential English-speaking Reformed church plant in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.  As of January 2013, we commenced a morning worship service, which starts at 9:30am each Sunday and meets at the 2nd Rondebosch Scout Hall.  We added an evening service in February 2014, which begins at 6pm every Sunday.

This initiative is under the supervision of the Bellville Reformed Church,  which is a member of the Reformed Churches of South Africa.  Like any church, the RCSA has a statement concerning the system of truth she believes the Bible teaches.  The RCSA believes that a faithful summation of what is taught in Scripture can be found in Ecumenical Creeds of the early church and the Three Forms of Unity from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Our vision for the church plant is for an English-medium Reformed ministry hoping to attract un-churched and under-churched people from diverse ethnic and racial and generational backgrounds.  In keeping with the best of the Reformed tradition, we hope to plant a church in accordance with God’s Word; where Christ, his Gospel and his church is front and center in the Christian life; where God serves us through the preaching of his Word and administration of the sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper); where our response in worship is governed by Scripture and is one of reverence and awe; where sinners are saved and Christians are built up in their faith; so that we might in turn love each other, and our neighbor; where family worship is prized and the Christian faith is actively handed down to the next generation; where home visitation and active pastoral care are integral to the life of the church.

Would you like to know more about such a church?  We would love to answer your questions and help you learn more from God’s Word.


DSC_5952 copy 2

A brief bio on Rev. Simon Jooste:

Simon is a native of Cape Town.  He has been married to Deana for ten plus years and has two boys, Andrew (10) and Adam (6). Simon lived abroad in the United States for 15 years after receiving a full tennis scholarship to study and compete at the University of Nevada, Reno.  He returned with his family to SA in August, 2010.  While living overseas Simon received his seminary education from Westminster Seminary, CA, and practiced for a number of years as the equivalent of a chartered accountant.  Simon also has a PHD in historical theology (which can be read here) from Stellenbosch University.  He enjoys spending time with his family, relishes the outdoors and keeps his creative juices flowing with art.

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