Ever thought?

We are all at different places in our journey through life and in our journey of faith.  Perhaps you have asked one or more of these questions?  And maybe we can help answer them?

Does my right standing before God (justification) depend on my obedience to God’s law?

Does sin affect everything we say, think and do?

Does the gospel include Jesus keeping the law on behalf of sinners?

Does the bible answer every question about life in this world?

Is Sunday worship about reverence or relevance?

Are Christians pilgrims or crusaders?

Is Christianity mainly about meeting my felt needs?  Fixing my problems, etc.?

How do I relate my faith to life outside the church?

Is worship and fellowship on Sunday more important than my private devotions and/or my home group?

What kind of “victory” can I expect in the Christian life?

Is there more to church than evangelism and fellowship?

Should church be about me serving God or God serving me?

Can we still learn things from the past or is “new” always better?

Are worship style and worship tunes neutral?

Are we called to make our culture Christian?

Are our emotions the most reliable indicator of true faith?  Can we always trust them?

Can I doubt and still be a Christian?

Are anti-depressants OK for Christians?  How about alcohol?  Tobacco?

What authority does the church have in my life?

In what sense am I free from the law and bound by the law of God?

Is there hope for Christians who struggle with addiction?  Anxiety?  Depression?

How is Christ present in the Lord’s Supper?

Etc. etc.

2 thoughts on “Ever thought?

  1. Are you going to answer any if those? 🙂 patiently waiting…

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