praise and worship

What’s wrong with our church praise music?

It might be shocking to the reader to hear that much of what is so-called praise today in worship is not received by the Lord. God certainly turns his ear away from not just vain repetitions, but also empty hearts due to empty theology. It should be self-evident that our feelings have to arise to something higher than animal instincts to truly praise the Lord. This is why Psalm 111 is a corrective, as it describes what constitutes true praise. The psalmist is led to the most sincere expression of true praise. Notice the first two characteristics that are described of true praise: (1) it is done with the whole heart, and (2) it involves the entire congregation. But there is a third and most important aspect of true praise captured in verse 2 that makes the first two characteristics possible. Verse 2 states, “Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them.” Third, God’s wonderful works must be sought out, and praise is the response that follows. Read the full article by Chris Gordon.