Man reading John's Gospel

What makes a sermon distinctively Christian?

The reason there was so much opposition to Jesus’ ministry was because his gospel got to the heart of matters. He wasn’t giving a muddled dry expositions, his goal wasn’t the dissemination of information, or simply to create controversies about how to correct human behaviour. Jesus had one great goal: the salvation of people. Christ desired to bring the truth of the gospel powerfully to bear on the conscience so that when they heard him preach, they understood it was a matter of life and death.

Jesus’ gospel was a gospel of the forgiveness of sin, a conveyance from the realm of darkness into his kingdom of light, an achievement of reconciling sinners to God through his life, death and resurrection. The people felt the urgency from his preaching to turn and live “today”. He has the power to save us from all our sins. This was the reason he was given the name “Jesus” (Matt. 1:21). Read the full article by Chris Gordon.