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The futility of striving to escape the Fall

Marathons, mud runs, CrossFit, Yoga, diets, non-GMO and gluten-free foods, Christian financial programmes, anti-vaccination and homeschooling have — each in their own way — taken over the driver’s seat of the lives of so many in the church. While all of these things in and of themselves may be good things and have their proper place in a believer’s life, they often hold too prominent a place. It is fairly easily to gauge whether we have given these things too prominent a place in our hearts and lives; we can be sure that we have when they become the overwhelming subject of conversation we have at church, when we get together with others, and when we consider what we spend our time reading or writing on social media. After all, Jesus taught us that we speak most of what our hearts value most (Luke 6:45). So what do these things — that seem so completely unassociated with one another — have in common? They can all be ways that we try to control our lives in order to escape the misery that is the effect of the Fall. Read the full article at Beautiful Christian Life.