The Christian response in revolutionary times

As Christians turn to social media to decry the new abuse of the day, a sad development is happening. Both of the current responses in crying for social justice or redeeming the state, are having the same sad effect on the church. We are being swallowed up in these pursuits as the great goal of Christianity. And in the process, a burden is being laid on Christians that cannot be carried. Every day we are bombarded with new voices who are distressing believers and robbing them of their confidence in Jesus by placing the burden of the world’s sorrows on their shoulders to solve by fixing the state as the solution.

Christians, feeling pressured to do something by way of fixing the state, are discouraged, depressed and distraught, not knowing what their place is in our changing times, especially when some new voice is beating Christians over the head for never doing enough to stop the flood of iniquity. What’s evident is that our current impulse to fix America and our responses are not helping Christians fulfil their primary calling to be Christ’s witnesses to a gospel that delivers people out of the greater abyss of hell. Yes, there is a greater abyss that we need to be saved from. The problem of sin is sidelined and social cause is exalted to the place of primacy. And much of the activism we are called to is relegated to social media that only accomplishes Christians trashing other Christians for not doing enough. Surely, that’s not a solution. Read the full article by Chris Gordon.