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In this short video, theologian Michael Horton discusses how Christians should defend their faith. Horton is the J. Gresham Machen Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California. He is the editor-in-chief of Modern Reformation magazine, and president and host of the syndicated radio broadcast, The White Horse Inn.Continue Reading

Michael Horton writes: “When Jesus Christ arrived, He did not revive the Sinai theocracy as His contemporaries had hoped. Instead of driving out the Romans, He commanded love for our enemies. Gathering the new Israel — Jew and Gentile — around Himself, by His Spirit, through Word and sacrament, JesusContinue Reading

By Michael Horton According to a 2013 survey by LifeWay Research, one-third of Americans agree that “prayer and Bible study alone can overcome serious mental illness.” Nearly half (48 percent) of evangelicals agree. (1) Why on earth would Modern Reformation imagine that it had something important to say, from aContinue Reading

Professor of theology and apologetics, Michael Horton, writes in a post at Westminster Seminary, CA’s, website: One subject that brings even fundamentalists and liberals together is the criticism of systematic theology. For instance, many of us were reared to suspect that if someone clearly embraced some particular system (e.g., Calvinist,Continue Reading

No doubt, the United States and South Africa are different places in many respects.  For starters, we drive on the correct side of the road and they don’t.  On a whole Americans tend to be more extroverted and outgoing than we do (something I think we secretly envy about them.) Continue Reading

One of the best resources I stumbled upon in my journey as a Christian in the USA was the White Horse Inn.  Here you will find a wealth of fee audio material to load onto your pod or phone for those commutes or runs.  The radio broadcast is hosted byContinue Reading