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Episode 8 of the Christianity Today podcast “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” illustrates the degree to which the restless, feather-swallowing (according to Luther) anti-canonical spirit has influenced modern evangelical theology, piety and practice. The Reformation principle (if not always its practice) was the sufficiency of the Scriptures for theContinue Reading

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Church is not about our preferences but about listening to God. Christ has the words of life, after all, so where would we go? Church should not be for me or for you. It should be for God. Does that mean we can obtain some truly timeless model of churchContinue Reading


R. Scott Clark comments on episode 3 of Christianity Today’s podcast series on the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill: By any objective measure, Mark Driscoll was never Reformed. He was predestinarian, but he was never Reformed. I am sorry that Mike Cosper makes the assumption that all predestinarians are Reformed.Continue Reading

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Christianity Today has released a new NPR-style podcast series hosted by Mike Cosper, Who killed Mars Hill?. It is well done and deserves your attention. So far they have released a couple of trailers and two complete episodes. Those who are not Reformed and those who are (or who areContinue Reading