Michael Horton writes: “When Jesus Christ arrived, He did not revive the Sinai theocracy as His contemporaries had hoped. Instead of driving out the Romans, He commanded love for our enemies. Gathering the new Israel — Jew and Gentile — around Himself, by His Spirit, through Word and sacrament, JesusContinue Reading

Rev. Mike Brown of the United Reformed Church, North America, writes about four ways that church discipline benefits Christ’s sheep: Perhaps you have heard the story of Shrek, a Merino sheep in New Zealand who not long ago gained international fame for avoiding his shepherds for six years because heContinue Reading

2016 RCSA Extraordinary Synod on Women in Office (12-16 January 2016) After 30 odd years of wrestling with the matter, RCSA Extraordinary (General) Synod 2016 takes the solid majority and decisive decision not to open up the office of elder and minister to women. (Not a single petition of protestContinue Reading

[Sermon audio available here.] The scandal of Christianity is that central to its message is suffering and death.  Suffering and death are the two things that the world tries to avoid at all costs.  What our society values is in many respects the opposite of what Christianity holds dear.  PopularContinue Reading

The early church, during the time of Paul and Titus, had many things stacked against her.  Christians were considered an odd and sometimes dangerous minority in the first-century Greek and Roman world.  People were suspicious of them.  For one, Christians were notorious for being unwilling to worship Caesar and theContinue Reading