RCSS update: September 2023

Dear Friend in Christ

The book of Hebrews describes those of faith as “strangers and exiles on earth” (11:13). While having a heavenly citizenship, Christians also live in this present world, with its various responsibilities and vexations (Prov. 1; Eccl. 1; Rom. 13.). It takes layers of distinguished wisdom to navigate our pilgrimage towards the Celestial City (Matt. 10:16).

In the first half of August 2023, RCSS had the privilege of hosting pastors and an elder from the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA)/Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Their visit commemorated our provisional reception in the URCNA and our vision for a new continental Reformed federation: African Reformed Churches (ARC). These brothers used their gifts to help give a new witness to the confessional Reformed tradition in the English medium in South Africa. This included preaching, chapels, and addresses at various institutions in the Cape Town area on the theme of Christian dual citizenship. Audio-visual recordings of these engagements can be found on the RCSS website here.

Please note that our website now includes video introductions to RCSS, the Jooste family and ARC in the links below.

  • Donation details here
  • RCSS intro here
  • African Reformed Churches intro here
  • Jooste family intro here

We invite you prayerfully to consider partnering with us to extend the continental Reformed witness through an English-medium denomination for the first time: in Cape Town, for South Africa, and beyond. Together, we can recover Christ, his Gospel, and his church, from political capture.

I will be in the United States during September if you would like to connect that side.

Yours on behalf of RCSS,

Rev. Dr. Simon Jooste