RCSS update: October 2021

Dear Friend

We greet you as fellow pilgrims on the way to the celestial city. We have so much to be grateful for, chief among which is Jesus Christ crucified and risen for our sins. We rejoice in watching the Lord continue to provide for RCSS spiritually and otherwise as he confounds the wisdom and values of this present passing age (1Pet. 2:11; 1Cor. 1:18-2:5; 15).

We give praise for our two most recent new members. Bryan (a Cameroon refugee) and Yona (a South African) are thrilled to become full participants in the life of RCSS. They both confessed their faith before several new regular attendees, including the White family (mother and three children), who are enthusiastic about walking the same road. Also among the new faces are Tatho, Sam and Patrick, who until recently had never set foot in a Reformed church. They are enthusiastic about the new experience but have questions about the likes of infant baptism.

We recently increased our Lord’s Supper celebration to twice a month, with a view to possibly weekly in the new year (Acts 2:42). We have been feasting with renewed delight (Psalm 34:8).

As usual, we highlight our ongoing financial needs. If you are able, please consider helping to meet our projected annual donor target shortfall of R150 000 ($10 000). Please note that the details for USA donors have changed per below. Our new “conduit church” is Grace United Reformed Church in Torrance, California.

Yours in the service of Christ

Rev. Simon Jooste, pastor

Tommy Botha, scribe

Banking details

SA: EFT First National Bank :: Checking account: 62832224464 :: Branch code: 251945 :: Ref: “RCSS donation”

USA: Please make your tax-deductible donation to “Grace United Reformed Church” (reg. non-profit)

By mail:

        Address: Grace United Reformed Church, 2400 W. Carson St. Suite 120 Torrance, CA 90501

       “For:” section, please write: “RCSS church plant

Zell option: giving@graceurctorrance.org