Jesus' wilderness temptation

This past Sunday’s morning sermon (which you can listen to here) was on Matthew 4:1-11 where the evangelist recounts Satan’s temptation of Jesus in the desert.
Like in his baptism, Jesus again identifies with Israel in their frail humanity and sinfulness as he is led away by the Spirit to be tempted in the wilderness.  Like Israel and also like us, Jesus was tested in his devotion to God.  Would he entrust himself to the will of the Father in the midst of suffering?  Would he put God to the test?  Would he offer up unadulterated worship and service to God alone?  In all these things and more, Jesus passed the test of obedience where Israel and you and I have failed.  Christ’s triumph in the wilderness in the face of temptation was the beginning of a life of obedience and suffering that would earn for Abraham’s spiritual offspring – those that live by faith – victory over sin, Satan and hell, and in turn rights to eternal life.