Cocktails/coke & culture/cookiness evening


It is an evening for all, including kids and those who feel like they have no culture!  It will be a time to hang out and have some good laughs together.  The cocktail part will be some finger foods to nibble on and your choice of drink, which can be sophisticated as you like.  The culture part can just be you present with us or wearing something different (like sheepskin slippers), bringing a piece of artwork to display, playing an instrument, dancing for us (my boys are practising), or bringing a salivating snack to share (thanks Jana)…  The options for making and sharing culture are endless!

When: This Friday, May 17
Where: The Jooste home in Kenilworth (map here)
Time: 19h00 (after dinner)
What to bring
?  A tasty side to share and your drink of choice
Chocolate is welcome!