In Matthew 5:33-48, Jesus – as the one greater than Moses – contrasts his spiritual kingdom with the earthly geopolitical kingdom of Israel in the Promised Land, governed by the laws of the Mosaic (Old) covenant.  What is most striking about Christ’s words here is that he overturns God’s commandsContinue Reading

In his essay entitled “Industrial or pastoral?: The Techniques of Church Growth,” church historian and elder DG Hart begins by asking the probing question: Can measurements of “customer satisfaction,” which have largely been borrowed from the industrial and mechanical world, be helpfully appied to something that is fundamentally organic andContinue Reading

The following is the thrust of the morning sermon from this past Sunday (11 August 2013), which you can listen to here. Jesus submitted to John’s baptism of repentance and judgment in obedience to God’s will.  Through John’s baptism God the Father commissions Jesus for his Messianic mission to saveContinue Reading