infant baptism

An intramural Baptist debate that illumines the profound differences between Baptist and Reformed theology, piety and practice

R. Scott Clark writes: The Baptist and Reformed traditions are not, as is often assumed essentially identical in method and conclusions but diverging only on some minor issues. No, the two traditions read Scripture very differently, i.e., they have a different hermeneutic, a different reading of the story of redemption, a different approach to reading Scripture, a different understanding of the nature of the covenant of grace through redemptive history, and a different understanding of what was promised to Abraham and how Christians relate to those promises. As a consequence of those differences, the two traditions reach very different conclusions about the nature of the church today, the nature of the promises to believers and to their children, and the nature of the administration of the covenant of grace. Those differences affect the way the two traditions look at the children of believers and their place in the church. Read the full article on The Heideblog.