Abounding Grace Radio: Slowly reforming a church (2 videos)

Pastor Chris Gordon, Pastor Chad Vegas of Sovereign Grace Church, and Westminster Seminary Professor R. Scott Clark discuss how Pastor Vegas began leaning towards Reformed ideas and how, through his research, he came across Scott Clark’s The Heidelblog. A comment online led to healthy communication and debate between the two. They talk about the challenges and rewards as Pastor Vegas slowly but surely leads his church towards the Reformed faith and to true church worship.

00:00 – Introduction to Chad and Scott

05:55 – Transformation of Chad’s church

07:57 – Influence of Jason Faber

08:33 – Seeker Sensitive/Purpose Driven

09:39 – Leaving the planted church

10:19 – Young, Restless and Reformed

13:03 – Ecclesiology is like a diamond ring

15:10 – Church as a halfway house

16:23 – Heidelblog.net

16:53 – How Chad encountered Scott

20:12 – Reformed theology answers questions

21:10 – The principles of worship

22:20 – Slowly re-engineering the church

23:31 – Music in the church

26:52 – Regulative Principle

29:35 – The perception of constriction

Slowly reforming a church: part 2

Pastor Chris Gordon continues the conversation with Pastor Chad Vegas and Professor Scott Clark about the journey to understanding the Reformed faith. They discuss the structure of the Reformed church and why some mandates and traditions could be tricky for those from Evangelical backgrounds. Pastor Vegas also shares more about how he’s leading his congregation to understanding the Reformed faith and recognising the authority of the church.

00:00 – Corporate worship struggle

03:00 – The authority of the church

04:40 – Submitting to elders

08:00 – Role of the pastor

09:00 – Evangelical detox period

10:30 – Learning to stop and think

12:07 – Baby Boomer churchgoers

13:36 – Understanding the Reformed Church

14:44 – Young people in the church

18:03 – Direction of Sovereign Grace Church

18:30: – Infant baptism

19:50 – Which denomination?

20:50 – Planting churches

23:10 – Scott’s view of California

26:37 – Singing the Psalms