Abounding Grace Radio: Has the church ‘replaced’ Israel? [2 videos]

Dr. R. Scott Clark and Pastor Chris Gordon dive into the current state of Israel and how it can cause people to look to biblical prophecy for answers. They discuss and dispel the dispensational view and clearly define who the true Israel is. They go through Scripture to parse out how Jesus is the centre of the story, the true Israel of God and the perfect obedient son. They emphasise why it is important for Christians to understand and accurately define who the true Jew is: not a person of the flesh, but of the regenerated spirit.


00:00 – What Scott Clark is doing

01:25 – Prophecy update

02:53 – Is Israel at the centre?

04:00 – Romans 11

08:00 – The cross replaces the national covenant

09:50 – Remnant theology

12:00 – Strive to plant churches In Israel

13:00 – Replacement theology

15:14 – Abraham was a gentile

16:18 – What you may not know about dispensationalism

18:13 – Paul is clear in Romans 11

20:00 – The blasphemy of sacrifices in a new temple

21:22 – Who is the true Israel?

23:00 – Who is the true Jew?

25:00 – Isaac helps to break down the wall

26:29 – Our citizenship is in heaven

27:10 – Nature and grace

Pastor Chris Gordon and Dr. R. Scott Clark continue their conversation about Israel, its current state, its biblical history, and the continued problem of anti-Semitism plaguing culture today. With these issues in mind, the discussion turns to how to interpret the Bible accurately. They look at the dispensationalist literal view and lean on Luke 24 to offer an accurate approach to interpreting figurative language in Scripture. They ask whether Israel will one day come to her Messiah, and remind listeners to pray for the nation of Israel to do just that and submit to the righteousness of our holy God.


00:00 – Life in Israel

01:25 – Why the hatred of Israel?

03:47 – Rise of anti-Semitism

06:00 – Terrorists trying to take out Jews

07:30 – The Reformed perspective on Israel

08:30 – Hermeneutic: Christ is the temple

10:00 – Peter’s view of the Gospel

11:57 – We live in the last days

13:00 – AD 70 fulfilment

15:15 – Amillennialism

16:00 – Literal or figurative language?

19:52 – The victory of Jesus

21:42 – No racial distinctions in Christ

23:30 – California is a diverse place

24:20 – Brothers and sisters in Christ

26:00 – Ephesians 2

27:10 – The grief of Paul

28:15 – The Holocaust

29:30 – The lesson of Israel


33:20 – Pentecostal visit

33:50 – Thief in the night


Dr. R. Scott Clark is professor of church history and historical theology at Westminster Seminary California and associate minister of Escondido United Reformed Church. Dr. Clark served as Academic Dean (1997–2000) and has taught at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, and Concordia University, Irvine. He earned a B.A. at the University of Nebraska, an M.Div. at Westminster Seminary California, and a D.Phil. at Oxford University. Dr. Scott has been a minister in the Reformed Church in the United States and is a minister in the United Reformed Churches in North America. He has served congregations in Missouri and California. He is a prolific writer, editor and contributor, and is the author of many books, including Recovering the Reformed Confession.